Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Busy is the new HAPPY

WOW! It has been an incredibly long time since I've written a blog post! So many exciting things going on, and they are all demanding my complete and utter devotion and attention! I kinda wish I could clone myself, but then I think to myself that NOBODY wants that. I mean, can you imagine? Multiple Stacys running around with snarky attitudes and to-die-for matching zombie Cameo rings? No thank you, sister. Sell it somewhere else.
So. Back to my original rambling. No need to go off on a completely separate ramble...again, NOBODY wants that. So in my regular day job I've been put on two very large, very important projects. I've been on one of them since late 2012, and it takes up about 80% of my time. So to take up my remaining 20% of time, the powers that be decided to put me on another project. Except it's just a teensy weensy bit more than 20%, so now I've found myself working nights and weekends just to catch up. But this too, shall pass, and I am thankful that at least someone  wants me to work with them!
Also, in my part-time job as Red Pen editor extraordinaire, my lovely authors are gearing up for their release dates this Fall and Winter. I've been working with one for the past month, and we are working on the last pass at revisions before she releases in September. Then all hell will break loose. Because after Nichole's, I have 4 other authors I'm working with, on 7 more books! DANG! It's good, because I love these women and the work they provide. But DANG, I keep circling back around to the whole cloning-me-thing. Which, again -- NOBODY wants. Well, except maybe me. Oh, and my little boy. He would LOVE multiple mommies all scurrying around to fetch him milk and Babybel cheeses.
But hey -- being busy makes me HAPPY. I don't know how to not be busy. I actually tried to relax this past weekend, and it lasted for about 10 minutes before I had to stop and start working again. Part of me just felt guilty that there was so much to do, yet I was trying to lounge in my hammock with a book. How dare me! My son will be turning 4 in October, and planning for those festivities are in full swing. (An 'Under the Sea' theme - thank you for asking!) So I'm making decorations and painting pictures for his room and picking out invitations and planning menus and.....man. I get tired just listing it out!
Plus the fact that we moved to a new house in February of this year, and I'm still trying to get it 'right'. New shingles in March, and new gutters are being put on as we speak. My kitchen is a horror, but at least it's still functional. Ugh - but there is wallpaper and border everywhere! And not pretty stuff, either. So in a fit of Martha Stewartness last week, I decided to peel off all the border in my bedroom. Now I have a strip of white adhesive back running along each of the 4 walls, that I will NOW have to remove with a sponge and some dishsoap.
And don't get me started on my snake story from this past weekend. Let's just say that I reached in my bag of potting soil to get a handful of dirt, and almost got a handful of snake instead. YES. Those earsplitting squeals you heard were coming from ME. 
So. The reason I'm sharing this with all of you, my closest confidantes, is because YES, I am busy. But I'm never too busy for you! Try to take some time for yourself, even if it's just 10 minutes of stolen time in the hammock. Plant some flowers in your yard, but try to avoid bags that move. They may have wiggly things in them.
Until next time -- stay positive, and stay fabulous.

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