How I got here
So I started out on this wild editing gig with new author Kristen Day, when she first started writing her 'Daughters of the Sea' trilogy...which has now become a series, because she can't seem to turn the character Stasia off in her head. So far she's released ForsakenAwakenand Chosen was released May 27, 2014. Forsaken (Daughters of the Sea Series) eBook: Kristen Day, Stacy Sanford: Awaken (Daughters of the Sea) eBook: Kristen Day, Stacy Sanford: Kindle Store

Kristen pointed me to new author Michele Miller, who I was fortunate enough to be able to work with, and I worked with her on 'Never Let You Fall''Never Let You Go', Last Call', and  'From the Wreckage'.
Never Let You FallFrom The Wreckage  (From The Wreckage, #1)
Michele then expanded the sisterhood and pointed me towards another new author, Sarah Ashley Jones. I worked with SA on her novels 'Promise Me This' 'Promise Me Foreverand soon-to-be-released 'Rebel Souls'.

At the amazing 2013 UtopYA conference in Nashville, TN I met author Nichole Green. She wanted to write something that was a departure from what she had written in the past, and so I was able to work with her on her novel 'Twisted'. 

Then I came across two amazing women, Melissa Simmons & Allana Kephart, who decided to co-write a book together. I edited their debut novel 'Resistance', followed by book #2 in the Dolan Prophecies series, 'Ruined'. Then they did a total departure and rounded it out with another book, 'The Escape', to begin a new series called Gumshoes & Grifters.

Since then, I've gotten to work with other amazing authors like Casey Bond, Jessica Brooks, Katie Roman, and Jadie Jones! 
I really do work with the coolest chicks around -- these ladies are all genuinely nice on top of being super freakin' talented. Kinda makes me want to smack them because no one person should have all that talent inside them -- am I right? But *sigh* they really are nice people. So I keep my twitchy palm stowed safely by my side as I grip my little red pen.

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