Editing Requests

I know you guys are just dying to know what a fabulous editor like me actually does, but be encouraged! The wait is over! I'm about to regale you with all kinds of nitty gritty details. Oh, behave.

What I charge:

0.006 cents per word

Math pop quiz!

That means for a novel with 80K words, it comes out to $480. 

What I do:

There are all kinds of fancy terms for it, but since I like to keep things simple, I'll put it in human terms, m'kay?
I like to do two rounds of edits, start to finish. During the first round, I look at grammar, punctuation, spelling...all the basic stuff...but I'm also reading the content and asking myself, 'Does this make sense?' I like to pepper comments throughout the document & ask questions of you, dear author. I prefer to make edits directly in the document, but if you prefer using the Track Changes feature in Word, please ask! 
After all this magic is complete, I send the document back to you to review, make changes, tweaks, etc., and ask that you send it back to me when complete. That's when my second round of edits begins! Now it's time for the fun stuff. I continue looking for the finer details to make sure I didn't miss anything during the first round, but now I'm really digging into the content, form, and style of the story. I am first a reader, and that means I want to make sure it's a good story. I look for consistency - were his eyes blue, and now they're brown? - and I also check to see if all the loose ends have been tied up.
Once complete, I send the document back to you, & typically this is the end and your story is ready to be formatted and packaged up for other dear readers. However, I can perform a third round of edits upon request. At this point, I send you an invoice and payment is due within fifteen days.

I am currently working with some very talented authors on some very exciting works, and I'd love to get the chance to work with you too!
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