Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Calgon, take me away....

Escapism: The tendency to escape from daily reality or routine by indulging in daydreaming, fantasy, or entertainment.

Sounds lovely, doesn't it?
Escapism is a beautiful thing. I don't think there is anyone out there who would say they have a perfect life. (And if there is, I'd like to slap you. I kid!....kind of) Even those who are blessed in one area of their lives, find themselves beleaguered in another. And that's just the way of it - I don't think you can truly appreciate the good things without having an understanding of the bad.
Life has to be fully embraced to be appreciated. I'm talkin' wide-arms-twirling-in-a-meadow-of-yellow-freakin'-flowers embrace.

And, you have to grab escapism wherever you can. For me, it's with the written word. My husband gets so irritated with me sometimes because he still hasn't figured out (after 11 years? Who's really the one with the problem, hmm?) that when I am engrossed in a book, I am brain-dead to the outside world. Slack-jawed. Drooling? Possibly. He could tell me he was running away with Selma Hayek and he would be lucky to get a head nod. Because I am enjoying my book, dammit. As a full-time working mother to a rambunctious 3 year old, I don't really get a lot of time to myself. So in the quiet hour or so between his bedtime and mine, I curl up on the couch and read, hot tea in hand. This weekend I delved into the Divergent series by Veronica Roth. (LOVE!!!) That's my escapism, folks. A little quiet time, a hot beverage, and a kickass book.
But shouldn't they ALL be kickass books? If a writer truly has the passion they should have, then every book you read will grab you and ignite a fire that can’t be quenched until you turn the last page. But, sadly, that is not the case. We've all read books that were so-so, that you may even have been able to (gasp!) set down and not finish reading. But where's the escapism in that? We see enough hum drum in our day-to-day lives...shouldn't we strive for the best when it comes to our precious few minutes of free time?
I support indie/self-published authors.
They are some of the most passionate, most dedicated artists to the written word. But they also need more help, because they don't have publishing houses and agents panting after their every word.
They need YOU. They need you to support, to read, and to review their works. They need your honesty, they need your devotion, and they need your attention. I make it a point to post my book reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, B&N and Smashwords, whether they're good or bad, because I know it is the best way to support my favorite kind of author. And who's not full of opinions? These folks are trying to support your escapism addiction, one by one. God love 'em. 

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