Friday, May 31, 2013

It's BACON FRIDAY, ya'll!

OMG, it's Bacon Friday!
I have what some unenlightened people might call an "unhealthy obsession" for bacon. Obviously those people are dumb and don't know about the deliciousness of this delectable meat candy, but hey - their problem, not mine.
So -- Bacon.
Yes, I know that fried pig is not exactly good for you. It may have been known to cause a death or two from clogging someone's arteries, or some such nonsense. And, it's possible that it may make you gain a little weight, due to the high fat content. (yummmmmm, high fat content......)
It is for these reasons that I limit myself to only indulging in this succulent nectar of the gods on Fridays. It's like a little mini celebration, all for me. Like, a congratulations-for-making-it-through-the-whole-week-without-stabbing-myself-in-the-eye kind of celebration. Or a your-kid-has-gone-to-school-all-week-without-having-to-wear-dirty-socks kind of celebration. Whatevs.
I've had kind of a rough week, and the whole not-stabbing-myself-in-the-eye thing has been quite an accomplishment this week.
So to all you bacon lovers, I say BACON ON.
And to all you nay-sayers, I leave you with this:

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